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Without getting too techie, the problem with Wi-Fi, is that it really wasn't designed for lots of people and in a dense crowd.

The number one thing we hear is that "Everything was fine, but when the crowd comes in, its terrible". Your client is paying you for many things. If they've asked you to manage Internet connections, you'd better make sure you have the right team and services. The best internet link in the world is nothing without great way to get to it. Great Wi-Fi is the key, and RNS can help you deliver it.

Wi-Fi is an ornery thing. It literally has to be designed and crafted on a case by case, venue by venue, production by production basis. It is NOT the same as wired networks. Some of the very best network engineers who know "wired networks" do NOT know a thing about Wi-Fi. (but sometimes like to say they do!!)

Rockstar Network Systems are experts in Wi-Fi service setups. 

Need to service 500 people? No problem

Need to service 5000? No problem

How about 30,000 people in a convention center,  stadium or municipal park? Not a problem at all.

What about a venue looking for advice on what equipment to select and how to set it up? Give us a call. We will setup and train your in-house IT staff.

RNS possesses the expertise and process to make excellent Wi-Fi a reality. Which in, turn, will make your venue or event even MORE successful, and MORE attractive to your customers and clients.