What We Do

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Rockstar Network System provides value-added, event-ready Network Engineering services to events and event venues of all types.

  • We help you choose the best and most cost effective Internet Link for your purposes.

  • We create Wi-Fi and Internet hard line services. Any location you want. Inside or outside. In the park or in the desert.

  • We make the best service recommendations based upon your needs and set it up for you at an expert level.

  • Need temporary phone service? Call us, or email if you don't have a phone!

  • We are production friendly. We look to blend in with any of your other vendors and to NOT be the "IT Guys" exception seen on many event sites.

  • We are advised by industry experts, including directors, producers, riggers and stagehands upon how to best deploy our service.

  • We help you come in on budget

  • We help you get repeat business

  • We help you make more revenue

We help you deliver a rich network service and Internet experience to your crew, clients or crowd, enabling the success of your event!

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Photos ANd WORK

**We are under Non-Disclosure Agreements on some of our work, so please respect if we need to remove client names, products and venues**

Just a sample of what we've done. Many of these events we've done year after year!!


Event: Launch of Major Video Game Console, 18 story, 338 room hotel, New York, New York for Stungun Productions

  • Build of completely dedicated fiber optic backbone network over 50+ rooms in the hotel and event areas. Did NOT utilize in-house hotel equipment. 600Mb redundant Internet Link, including dedicated Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel for both public and private attendees.

Event: Video gaming convention "ComiCon" style, Major convention center, Las Vegas, NV, for Stungun Productions

  • 15,000 registered, paying ticket holders enabled on fully dedicated Wi-Fi system throughout booth floor and keynote/concert floor. Included hard line and specialized support for booth vendors and their equipment. 700Mb peak internet over fiber.

Event: ArtHamptons, Large tent show in BridgeHampton, NY

  • Large tent/art show, where Wi-Fi and Internet was resold to booth vendors selling their products. Unique and rural location requiring very specialized Internet links to be installed.

Event: Nike pop-up tennis court for Production Glue, New York, NY

  • Temporary Tennis Court deployed during US Open 2015 for Nike, provided Wi-Fi for crew, stands and on-site photobooths. 100% outside deployment.

Event: Red Carpet, Premiere of Orange is the New Black, Zeigfelds Theater, for Swisher Productions

  • Mini-Microwave internet and Wi-Fi equipment deployed to service photobooths on a TV show red carpet premiere!

Event: Pop-up shop for Nike. New York, NY for Game Seven Marketing

  • Temporary retail shop setup, Wi-Fi and LTE internet provided for retail and photobooth operations.

Event: Marc Jacobs Fashion Show, Zeigfeld Theater New York, NY, for KCD Productions

  • External tents Wi-Fi and video webcast Internet link for major NYC Fashion show.

Event: Google Chromecast Audio Launch, Standard Hotel, NY for BPCM

  • Dedicated internet, Wi-Fi and product demo setup to launch the Google ChromeCast

Event: Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show, Park Avenue Armory, New York, NY for KCD Productions

  • 2000+ attendee Wi-Fi for major Fashion Show, including hard line deployment for news media.

Event: Big Brothers/Big Sisters Gala, House of Blues, Boston, MA

  • Replaced the in-house system for a major event ensuring seamless experience for 1000+ attendees.